Business Leaders

Possess Two Unique Gifts

Business Leaders Possess Two Unique Gifts

The CEOs and business owners I know have two unique gifts. What makes them unique is that these gifts are polar opposites. The first gdift is the GIFT of VISION. Business leaders see things in the organization that others simply don’t. They see new processes, new profit centers, new products, new markets and so on.

The second gift is the GIFT of BLINDNESS—and yes, it is a gift. Often times, business leaders are blind to all of the obstacles that are in the way of that vision becoming a reality. And that is a good thing. If they knew all of the hurdles to be overcome, they may never have gotten started. In my 30 years in business, I’ve found marketing to be an area of blindness for most business leaders.

Marketing is an area of BLINDNESS
for most business leaders.

Business Leaders Need Insight

CEOs and business owners are presented with overflowing amounts of marketing data, but often lack insight when it comes to understanding their marketing effort and seeing where their decisions either speed things up or slow them down.

Uncovering Insight

Many smart business leaders hope to uncover insight about their business by copying what their competitors are doing in the marketplace. On the surface, this may seem logical, but in reality, it often provides little insight and actually contributes to confusion and wasted budgets.

Drew Dinkelacker in Action

The Marketing Flywheel
Brings Simplification and Acceleration

Simplification Starts with the Marketing Flywheel

The Marketing Flywheel is a mechanism within your company that you control but is often ignored. Your Marketing Flywheel plays a larger role in the success of your company, brand, or product line than any external competitor.

Understanding Your Marketing Flywheel

When you understand what creates drag or acceleration on your Marketing Flywheel, you can quickly determine if a new tactic, strategy, or idea is a distraction or an opportunity.


The benefits of simplification are counter-intuitive in this data-driven world:

  • Gain confidence in marketing decision making — Stop second-guessing yourself
  • Develop a simplified visionClarity helps you hold team members accountable… and yourself!
  • Create acceleration in your marketing — Increase results, eliminate drag