Team Leader.

Drew Dinkelacker

The Marketing Accelerator

Fascinated by Leaders – The most courageous people I know are business leaders. They see opportunities where others see obstacles. They take risks that others wouldn’t. I walk alongside and guide them on their journey to become better marketers and better leaders.

Marketing Guru – For 20 years, clients and colleagues have called me a Marketing Guru. Honestly, I don't really know what that means. I do look at things differently. A client once told me, "You make the obscure obvious."

Superbowl Commercial Fanatic – Every year, the best marketing minds in the world are engaged to deliver a message in 30 seconds for a cost of over $5M. As a Voting Panelist on USA Today's AdMeter Rating of Superbowl Commercials, I share nuggets of marketing wisdom via The Marketing Accelerator Podcast which features three insights in about three minutes. This short format is packed full of practical value for busy leaders.

Truth Speaker – As your confidante, I'll tell you what your team won't. I'll expose your vulnerabilities that have been hiding, help you understand your assets and strengths and together, we'll build your Marketing Flywheel. Seek the truth, first.