Building Trust

Steve LaChance, CMO of Tenacity

September 13, 2022


Trust. In my career, I found that to be one of the most difficult concepts to market. Welcome to "3"…three insights in about three minutes. I'm Drew Dinkelacker. Today, I'm speaking with Steve LaChance,. He is the CMO of Tenacity,. That's a SaaS product that identifies and prioritizes cloud security risks. Steve, the cloud security market, is that filled with lots of trust or lots of mistrust?

Steve LaChance: Great question, and certainly mistrust; that mistrust is born from a number of things. It's got a lot of difficult language, very esoteric terms, and in some way, is really a elitist attitudes -- which leads to a lot of folks just really not trusting anything that's out there, certainly from a marketing perspective. And that is basically the background of, well, you know, what every decision-maker that I'm dealing with is coming from, when they're considering whether or not to give Tenacity a crack at helping them solve their security problems.

Drew: You know that really sounds like a difficult starting place. How do you go about building trust with your clients?

Steve: Yeah, incrementally. And the first step is to actually trust them, and then, of course, be trustworthy, once they give you the opportunity to demonstrate that. For example, anyone who comes to Tenacity and decides to work with or try out our product, has the opportunity - unhindered - to review how we actually do it. And we give them the benefit of the doubt, we trust them to use it and to like it and to either give us feedback or move on.

Drew: Trusting others is always a risk, but isn't that exactly what we ask our clients to do with us, whether or not it's cloud security or marketing?

Steve: Absolutely. And I think really what it comes down to is maybe, three and three here is authenticity, accessibility and respect. You know, mutual respect, certainly respect them, be accessible and open and available to answer questions for them and be authentic in each of those encounters. People are smart, and they know when you're being an authentic, we can pick up bad marketing. So if you can be those three things, I think you're well on the way to building trust.

Drew: Authenticity, accessibility, and respect. That is a great combination to build trust. "3" is a featured presentation of The Marketing Accelerator Podcast, now available on Spotify, Apple podcast, and Google podcast. I'm Drew Dinkelacker.