I grew up watching names like Connors, McEnroe, King, Navratilova and Borg battle it out on the courts of England’s posh tennis club at Wimbledon. My parents and I were glued to the TV coverage as this almost two-week event evolved to a championship. The US Open Tennis Tournament is big (think NFL playoffs) but Wimbledon is the Super Bowl of tennis with 300 million people watching on a global scale.

Wimbledon spokespeople say that a brand refresh and new tone of voice will prove to fans it’s not the “ivory tower” people may think it is.

A recent article from Marketing Week states:

Encouraging Fans to ‘Think Forward’

To align with the refresh, Wimbledon unveiled a new marketing campaign for the 2019 championships. Titled ‘The Story Continues’, the spot showcases headlines from Wimbledon alongside headlines from the global news agenda of the time.

Brand Manager at the All England Lawn & Tennis Club (AELTC) Harry Kerr states, “We know on a global scale we get 250 to 300 million people watching us but that relationship is very much owned by the media and our broadcasters, so how can we start to bridge that gap and own that relationship ourselves?”

“We want to be able to control the way we speak to our audiences, we want them to know the very best of what Wimbledon has to offer. Having that direct relationship will be the best means to do that.”

Who Controls your Access to Prospects and Customers?

Even international enterprises like AELTC (Wimbledon) struggle to have a direct relationship with their prospects. For businesses large or small, that direct relationship is highly valuable. To enhance that direct relationship, Wimbledon leverages their website and mobile apps so fans can easily follow their favorite players through the tournament.

The social media channels are highly engaged during the tournament including:

Wimbeldon on Instagram
Note: Instagram is owned by Facebook

Wimbeldon on YouTube
Note: YouTube is owned by Google

Scan QA Code to follow Wimbledon on WeChat
WeChat is a Chinese messaging, social media, and mobile payment app.

Wimbledon on Weibo
Weibo is a Chinese microblogging site... think of a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter monitored by the Chinese government

Even within the social media channels there are controls which limit content that can impact a direct relationship with the prospect or consumer.


  • Who owns your relationship with the customer and prospect?
    • The media and broadcasters…like Wimbledon (probably not)
    • Another advertising channel
    • An industry 800 lb gorilla
    • A distribution channel
    • Your geographic location which channels prospect nearby
    • Your company
  • Can you leverage history for your advantage to tell an impactful story like Wimbledon’s The Story Continues?
    • A personal history
    • Your company’s history
    • Your industry’s history
    • The world’s history…like Wimbledon did