Kia’s “The Great Unknowns” spot aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl LIII.

Watch the spot below which ranked #22 in USA Today’s ADMETER ratings.

Note the lack of car images or statistics about acceleration or MPG.

No windy roads nor beautiful vistas.

Was This Even a Car Commercial?

It wasn’t about Kia and what a great company they are.
It wasn’t about the Kia line of vehicles.
It wasn’t about the cool, hip people who buy Kias.
It wasn’t about how buying a Kia will make you cool and hip, either.

It WAS about unknown people_…and everyone has felt that at some time in their life._

If you take the time to visit the featured website, you’ll find what the commercial IS about:

  • The Great Unknowns Scholarship – funded by Kia – for young people who want to get a foothold in higher education
  • Just A Small Georgia Town that lived to fight another day and is the home of the Kia Telluride

Full Circle

So we come full circle to discover that this Big Game spot really is about Kia and:

  • What they stand for
  • What’s important to them
  • Where they put their money

Questions for Leaders

Consider your business when answering these questions:

  • Does your company stand for anything outside of selling your product or service?
  • How do you demonstrate that this is important to you or your organization?
  • How do you use your money (or your time) to show that this is important?

Kaivac – Walking the Talk

For the last year, I’ve had the privilege of working with Bob Robinson, Sr., the inventor of the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System for restrooms. Part of Kaivac’s MISSION statement says that they will raise “the value of the Cleaning Industry and the dignity of the worker.” They choose to back up these words about dignity with action, time and money by:

  • Donating Kaivac systems to a non-profit agency serving the homeless because homeless people should have the dignity of a clean restroom
  • Providing additional training to the Goodwill Work Force to meet their unique employment needs as they clean highway rest stops throughout Ohio
  • Hiring employees with disabilities through Easter Seals in 2004 – 13 years later, Kaivac was named Easter Seals Outstanding Community Partner in 2017 – Watch the award video below.

Lesson #1 – Whatever you say your company stands for…you better walk the talk.
Lesson #2 – To make a good car commercial, you don’t always need a car.

PS. Bob Robinson has this to say about my book You Can’t Lead What You Don’t Understand:

“This book pierces the cloud of marketing confusion to help you make wise steps to achieve your goals. It is a must read for all of my marketing team.”

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