I am always happy to recognize excellence in advertising. Conversely, I’m a bit cautious to critique marketers who enter into an arena where I have not played. I’m calling out these failures as a way of teaching others what not to do.

The Winner (or should that be Loser?) for Worst Spot of the Big Game is Burger King’s #EatLikeAndy

As a child of the 60’s, I know who Andy Warhol is. And, as many of my generation, I never really got his shtick… think Campbell’s Soup cans as art. And 32 years after his death in 1987, I have even less interest in Andy Warhol. But I at least know who he is. Here is my Venn diagram of the portion of the market that will be motivated by this spot and how it relates to the Burger King customer. No overlap.

![Venn Diagram](/images/venn-diagram.png)

Burger King had this to say:

“The spot is meant to break through the traditional Super Bowl commercial break, filled with explosions, slapstick jokes and celebrities, with an almost silent, yet powerful work of art.”

I think this spot did achieve breakthrough status…but in the wrong direction.

Takeaway for Marketers:

Know your target market and speak to them. Don’t confuse them. And certainly market to people who have a desire for flame-grilled burgers instead of those who desire soup can art.

The Runner-Up for Worst Spot of the Big Game is Persil ProClean – The Deep Clean Level

This 15-second spot contains no Point of Difference (POD) and moves too fast. I’ve watched and listened to this spot more than eight times. It’s still unclear to me what they are saying during the descriptive part of the spot because of sound effects and fast talking. And yet, at the end, they made time in the 15-second spot to put in racy banter with the cute, female scientist who seems taken with the James Bond-like lead. The female viewing audience of the Super Bowl has grown to more than 45%.

This spot has many challenges:

  • Classic example of stuffing a 15-second spot with 30 seconds of content.
  • The Bond-like lead has the female scientist swooning – not sure what audience that plays well to?
  • A black scientist silently holding a clipboard throughout the spot – feels a lot like a token role.

Takeaway for Marketers:

  1. If you have 30 seconds of content, then buy a 30-second spot, not a 15.
  2. Admittedly, casting is a tricky business. Know your audience. America has been trending brown for years, and women’s empowerment is on the upswing. Embrace those changes and, at a minimum, avoid anything that looks like tokenism.