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Universal's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom spot is creepy scary from the outset. But that isn't what bothered me about the spot.

Instead, it was the Big Disconnect. What do I mean by disconnect? Think of two extension cords that are plugged into each other and they get pulled apart. Disconnected. No flow from one to the other.

The last image of the Fallen Kingdom spot gives a strong call to action stating, "TRY THE ????? EFFECT ON FACEBOOK."

How are you supposed to translate that dinosaur icon into text for a Facebook search?  First I tried Trex. Then I search on T-Rex and found a site called T-Rex Effect! But that wasn't the site about the movie.

Then I search on Jurassic World and found three Facebook options under that category. Eventually, I found the correct Facebook page.

Lesson For Marketers

Don't make your prospect jump through unnecessary hoops EVER!

  • Give clear directions
  • Limit your assumptions on what you think the prospect understands

Big Disconnect #2

Let me say it now...I love avocados and I enjoyed the Avocados from Mexico spot. But it also had a big disconnect. The point of the spot can be quoted from the script..."avocados taste great on lots of things," not just tortilla chips. They only make a one-second visual reference to "lots of things" that avocados could taste great on. As an avocado-lover, I am always looking for new ways to use this luscious fruit. I am the target market.

The spot ends with the "Avocados From Mexico" jingle and this visual for just two seconds.

As a casual viewer, I would not have picked up on the text at the bottom of the graphic. It is only because I closely review these commercials that I saw #GuacWorld. Being the avocado-lover, I was curious and discovered that is an extensive site built for avocado-lovers like me filled "lots of things" like recipes, new ideas, how avocados are grown and fun social media engagement.

Lesson For Marketers

When you have your prospect's attention, be clear about their next steps. Don't bury it.

What's Next: Ram Truck Serves Up a Cream Horn

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