The Collaboration Award goes to Doritos and Mountain Dew.
The Best Use of Celebrity Award goes to Doritos and Mountain Dew.


The goal of collaboration is to make the sum greater than the total of its parts.

Does the juxtaposition of these two spots make each of their overall messages stronger?

YES, I think it does.

Plus, the use of four celebrities is effective in delivering the collaborative message of heat and coolness. Here's why:

  • Mountain Dew's ICE is the perfect foil to Doritos BLAZE chips.
  • Peter Dinklage's on fire presentation is equaled by Morgan Freeman's natural coolness.
  • Dinklage is short of stature and Freeman is tall and lanky.
  • Dinklage's connection through Game of Thrones has a present-day hipness to it and Morgan Freeman...well, I said it before, has longevity with natural coolness.
  • Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott provide the vocals. I am not familiar with either of these two performers and not a fan of hip-hop, but was thoroughly engaged by this spot.

Use of celebrity at the local market level is limited because there are so few celebrities that are just local. The larger the celebrity footprint, the more likely they won't provide the ROI for a business serving only a local market.

However, collaboration at the local level is something that most any business can engage in. Here are the steps to finding a collaborative partner:

  1. Consider your primary target market. What types of businesses serve your market's needs, but don't overlap with your services? For example, a funeral home and an estate attorney - same market, different services.
  2. Does the collaborative partner bring something to the table that your business values such as a database of clients/prospects, an advertising tactic that you can collaborate with (like Doritos/Mountain Dew) or a seminar you can host or speak at?
  3. Keep expectations minimal. Begin with a one-time, trial project and if things go well, it may be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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